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[Rhetoric vs. Facts]

Joe Pojman is the Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life, whose stated mission is to “protect innocent human life from conception through natural death through peaceful, legal means.” However the evidence is clear, Joe Pojman is being used by establishment powers to cover the tracks of politicians who are weak on life. Even worse, Joe has empowered the healthcare lobby and hospitals to end the life of a patient without family permission.

Texas deserves better. When pro-life groups are united, important victories can be won without the pink-shoes drama that puts pro-abortion politicians in the media spotlight. Thanks to Joe Pojman, however, many pro-life champions are left out in the cold, and pro-life legislation is under constant threat of self-destruction.



Texas Alliance for Life not only endorsed, but sent political mail funded by Joe Straus in support of Bennett Ratliff and J.D. Sheffield. Bennett Ratliff is on record saying he sees abortion as a right that a woman has. J.D. Sheffield voted with Democrats on numerous amendments meant to water down and kill HB 2. Texas Alliance for Life endorsed these candidates and sent direct mail into their House Districts telling voters they were the pro-life options. These actions are confusing unless you know that Joe Straus provided the bulk of TAL’s PAC money used in the elections so they were forced to cover for Straus’s lieutenants.



Joe Pojman has repeatedly been the first pro-life leader to cut and run in the face of pro-abortion activists in Texas. During the 83rd Legislative Session, Pojman left pro-life legislators to twist in the wind as he encouraged Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Senator Glenn Hegar to water down pro-life legislation. Thanks to his interference, Texans were faced with the filibuster drama that vaulted Wendy Davis into liberal stardom, and made her candidacy for Texas Governor possible.

Pojman worked behind closed doors to strip language in the original abortion bill of the special session to REMOVE the 5 month abortion ban language and make the bill only accomplish the abortion clinic regulations. Because of Pojman's actions, Republicans were forced to put the 5 month abortion ban language back into the bill in the House, which then required the bill to go back to the Senate where Wendy Davis filibustered. If Pojman hadn't worked to strip the 5 month abortion ban originally, none of it would have ever happened.

HB 2



Texas Alliance for Life has inexplicably ignored pro-life legislators in their endorsements, preferring to buddy up to the Austin establishment rather than judge candidates on their pro-life record. In the 2014 election cycle, numerous pro-life legislators, lauded for their leadership during the fiercest battles surrounding HB 2 and other pro-life bills, were left off of TAL’s endorsement list because they were not supportive of the Speaker and his dubious record. Jonathan Stickland, Matt Schaefer and Charles Perry are some of the most conservative Representatives in all of Texas and were opposed by the moderate wing of the Republican Party in their re-elections. Joe Pojman refused to endorse them based on their 100% pro-life voting record, but endorsed J.D. Sheffield who voted against pro-lifers numerous times.

Source: TAL 2014 Republican Primary endorsements


Texas Alliance for Life has begun to focus their efforts more on end of life issues than abortion. Unfortunately for the pro-life community they have teamed up with the Hospitals to craft SB 303, which removes end of life decisions from the family and gives hospitals the authority to end the life of a patient without their family's permission. They have become so focused on this issue that they are now forcing state candidates to support this legislation in their questionnaire before they can be endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life’s PAC (link PDF of questionnaire). This is one of the reasons that none of your top conservatives are endorsed by TAL.


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The truth is revealed. The real Joe Pojman supports elected officials, organizations and legislation that attack the sanctity of life. Share this with your friends and family, and tell Joe Pojman life is sacred from conception to natural death and must be protected regardless of the political costs.